Practice table tennis alone at home

How to Practice Table Tennis Alone

When people first play table tennis, they will surely not be able to hit the ball as they want, so it takes a while to improve their playing ability.

Table tennis is an opposing sport with two sides playing against each other, so how can you practice when you are alone?

Below I would like to guide some tips to practice table tennis alone at home or at gyms, clubs.

4 tips to help you practice ping pong at home easy

1. Serve alone

We don’t have a player to play with, but we still can practice serve and learn to serve effectively.

The required tool is a stele, the crafting objects, the attached target, arranged at the side of the side table, some balls and table tennis rackets.
You start practicing by serving the right goal. The goal of practice is to improve your serve.

One of the most crucial table tennis skills is serving. A great serve can help you score points right from the start of the game. Therefore, you should spend more time practicing your serve.

You can practice spinning serve using your wrist. You can also practice standing positions, different types of serve, or try to hit the ball to the finish line.

Practicing more and more will help you improve your skills and become a good table tennis player.

2. Hit the bouncing ball against the wall

With this practice method, you can play ball alone to practice the most effective serve to the opponent.

The tool you need is a ping-pong table that can be folded in half like STIGA advantage to create a bounce “wall” for the ball during practice.

Those well-trained serves can be turned into direct kicks in competition or surprise opponents with swirling balls.

This wall-bounce method not only helps you practice the serve but also increases your ability to control the ball bounce back.

It is tough to control the ball on the wall because the way the ball is going is unpredictable. It does not follow any process or line when you apply uneven force on the ball.

The ball now has the ability to bounce at different speeds, making it difficult for you to resist suddenly.

After some practice, you will be more likely to react to the ball more quickly.

Practicing the ball against the wall can also make you uncomfortable, but it’s good for your reflexes.

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3. Table tennis robot

With the development of technology, nowadays people are supported in everything, especially in physical training and sports.

Modern table tennis has new breakthrough technologies to support. You can buy yourself a ping pong shooting machine to improve your resistance.

These exercises will help you improve your overall performance because the ping-pong machine has parameters that can be changed to suit your best abilities.

The machine has a high fire rate, from 30 to 100 balls or more than the number of balls fired per minute.

With such a high frequency of shooting the ball, players can find it very hard during practice. But in return, it is the best practice for yourself to improve your capacity.

4. Practice table tennis alone with return board

Not as expensive as a ping pong robot, but better at responding to your ball than walls? It could only be a return board, a special type of board that, when hit, the board can bounce back.

There are many different return boards, and you can choose the one that is fit for you. On average, a return board costs around $250.

However, you can save money by making your own at home.